LABYRINTH (LOST NOT FOUND). HAND EMBROIDERY AND MAGIC NEEDLE ON FABRIC (2024) Taking as reference the textures from my long walks on the coast of my homeland, the Vigo Ria, I created this piece combining hand embroidery with the punch needle technique.  
Rain Forest
TEXTILE INSTALLATION “RAIN FOREST”, KILDEVÆLD KULTURCENTER (2023-2024) The installation Rain Forest was created as decoration for Festival of Endless Gratitude 2023 decoration, where I worked not only with textile and different materials but also with lighting. Photo credits: Jan Jespersen    Photo credits: Jan Jespersen    The festival was taking place at Kildevæld Kulturcenter, a […]
Call me Liberatus
ARTWORK FOR MUSIC RECORD “CALL ME LIBERATUS”, BY THE HYPOCRITES (2024) Watercolour and digital The record “Call me Liberatus” was published as a digital format in different music and streaming platforms  
Ethereal Realities
VIDEO MAPPING INSTALLATION ETHEREAL REALITIES (2023) In collaboration with the visual artist Matei Petrescu, Ethereal Realities was a video mapping installation that occupied the space of the municipality building Kildevæld Kulturcenter during the Festival of Endless Gratitude 2023. The space became a living canvas, where the organic and the abstract merged. Projections through video mapping […]
VISUAL IDENTITY FOR FESTIVAL OF ENDLESS GRATITUDE  (2020-2023) Since 2020 I was in charge of creating and designing the visual identity for the Festival of Endless Gratitude (FoEG), an art and experimental music based in Copenhagen that has existed for more than 10 years. The Festival wants to highlight their underground, experimental and analogue spirit […]
Happy Ocassion
Postcards Illustrations “Happy Occasion” (2022) Digital Illustrations for a serie of postcards to be sold in the book store Ark Books   For the Christmas campaign they needed a series of postcards that could be reuse all year long.          
Golden Hours
EMBROIDERY GOLDEN HOURS (2023) Embroidery Collage.   This two embroidery works were made as a wedding present, inspired by the colours of the sunsets and the sea during the Golden Hours.        
ARTWORK FOR MUSIC ARTIST IMAAN (2023) Digital Art      The artist Imaan asked to do an artwork for their music project, that was promoted online in different platforms. For that I developed not only a cover image but also different headers  to be used in webs as Bandcamp or Soundcloud.  
ARTWORK FOR “SELVLYSENDE”, BY POUL ERIK NIELSEN (2023) Watercolour, Glitter and Digital   With the premise that this one was a dancing record, Poul Erik Nielsen hired me again for doing the artwork of his new record “Selvlysende”. It’s made combining watercolour and glitter and it’s digitally retouched.      
VISUALS FOR INSTALLATION MAZE (2022) Installation made in collaboration with the textile artist Cecilie Schou Grønbeck for the Festival of Endless Gratitude 2022.   Maze is an installation that defines the transit between two spaces, where an archive of materials is combined to create a labyrinth of layers where the analogue and digital rule over […]
September was kind of Blue
SEPTEMBER WAS KIND OF BLUE (2022) Embroidery on fabric   Based on the colours of the Galician Sea, these series of embroideries are a collage of  recycled dye fabrics and tul combined with simple stitches and 3D stitches on fabric. Framed. Size 14,8×21 cm.      
Summer Storm
SUMMER STORM (2022) Embroidery and ink on fabric   This embroidery artwork was made for the collective exhibition “In-ert” that took place in the Første til Venstre Galleri in Copenhagen during the months of May and June of 2022, where I participated with two works that reveal the relationship between art and industry, arising the […]
Forgiving Land
FORGIVING LAND (2022) Embroidery Tryptich on Cotton Forgiving Land is a tryptich piece realized during the Tomma Rum artist residence in Burträsk (Sweden) during July 2022. It is handembroidery on cotton and it´s inspired by the textures and colours of North Sweden.  It was exhibited at Hembydgården Dansbana together with the other works of the […]
EMBROIDERY GARDENS (2022) Embroidery on fabric     This serie of embroidery gardens in different colours was made for the “Mercado de Diseño” in Madrid, an annual art affair where different artists, designers and crafters meet.  
EMBROIDERED POEMS (2022) Embroidery on dyed fabrics  
Ark Books
Illustrations for Ark Books Merchandise (2021) Digital Illustrations for Totebag and Mug. Ark Books is an international book shop in the heart of Copenhagen.    
Book Covers
COVER ART FOR DIFFERENT BOOKS (2020 – 2021) Digital and Mixed Illustrations “Club de Lectura Ilustrado” (Illustrated Reading Club) was a collaboration project around literature and illustration between my friend and also illustrator Montse Piñeiro during the years from 2020 to 2021. Since we were living in different countries and we both shared a passion […]
Et Stille Håb
Et Stille Håb Animation (2021)   Illustrations and Animation for a vaccine series podcast about cholera for Alinea and Red Cross, 2021 Alinea is a danish publishing house specialised in children and young school books and teaching material that belongs to the Egmont Group. In collaboration with the Red Cross they created a series of audio […]
SILENCIO (A TANGIBLE STUDIO) (2021) Digital Illustrations and Poems for a 27 pages fanzine, printed in risography in warm white paper 240 gr. Printed in 3 colours risography is a compilation about silence from writers I admire like Clarice Lispector, Sylvia Plath,  Cortázar or Gabriel García Márquez, among others; and it´s my first attempt to […]
ARTWORK FOR “BEGIVENHEDSLØS” BY POUL ERIK NIELSEN (2021) Acrylic, Colour pastels and Digital Listen here    
Strada Magazine
ULIGHEDISUNHED ILLUSTRATION (2020) Illustrations for Magazine Strada for an article, written by Professor Morten Sodemann, about the inequality in access to the danish healthcare system: “The healthcare system is drowning in middle class small problems”
Part. 2
ARTWORK FOR “PART. 2”, RECORD BY UNLOBOENLAJAULA (2020)  Watercolor, photograph, pencil and digital
Vigo Azul
  ILLUSTRATION VIGO AZUL (2019) Digital Illustration for Vigo Histórico Association for an event to promote pedestrianization in my hometown Vigo (Spain).
Dagbladet Information
DAGBLADET INFORMATION ILLUSTRATIONS (2018-2019) Compilation of illustrations I made for the Danish Newspaper Information during the years 2018 and 2019.   Illustrations for a special about the Dystopian times we are living in. Vinterbøger (Newspaper Information). Cover and inside illustrations:   Illustration for Article inside the serie Vi tager økonomien tilbage (We are taking Economy […]